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Goods Return Procedure GENERAL RULES

To start return of the goods bought from us, contact the sales department directly - your manager; if your manager is absent, contact the shop with a filled application for return of the goods, with the purchase receipt and/or registered receipt; you must have identifying document, as well as the goods purchased from us. The goods must be complete and clean.

Return/ replacement of good-quality goods

  1. If you bought the goods in a shop

    You have the right to replace good-quality goods for similar goods during 14 days excluding the day of purchase. (according to the Consumer Protection Act)

    Please note that some of our goods are technically complex goods. (Russian Law No. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 (as amended on 18.07.2019), Consumer Protection Act)

    Please note that some of our goods are technically complex goods. (Russian Law No. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 (as amended on 18.07.2019), Consumer Protection Act)

  2. If the goods were purchased from online shop

    Except the right of replacing good-quality goods stipulated by the Russian Law No. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 On Consumer Protection, you can also reject the goods purchased remotely any time before you receive it.

    When returning/ replacing good-quality goods, the goods should be in ready-for-sale condition, should have package integrity and the goods should be complete. If there are any traces of operation, it can be the reason to refuse your claim satisfaction (including any visual defects: scratches, chips, cracks, small cracks, including faint defects that can be found).

Return/ replacement of poor-quality goods

If the goods purchased by you have defects, you can require one of the things stipulated by Art. 18 of the Russian Law No. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 On Consumer Protection.

Nevertheless, if the goods are technically complex goods that are listed in the Decree No.924 dated 10 November 2011, then the claims described in Art.18 can be requested only within 15 calendar days from the day of purchase.

  1. After 15 days you can claim the above said only if:

    - substantial defect is found;

    - deficiency resolving terms are violated;

    - the goods cannot be used for more than thirty days in total during each warranty period, because the manufacturer’s defects must be resolved.

The goods can be returned, only if the following conditions are observed

  1. For individuals buying from the retail department (manufacturer’s shop) and online shop:

    - you should give to the Seller purchase/registered receipt;

    - Application to return/replace the goods with detailed specification of the reason for return and the description of the defects.

  2. For legal entities buying from the wholesale department and the online shop (only legal entities):

    - you should give to the Seller scanned copy of the Integrated Delivery Note (VAT invoice received by you when receiving the goods);

    - claim with detailed description of the reason for return and defect description;

    - photos of defective goods.

Application for return




Goods Quality Inspection

If you place a claim, the Seller has the right to inspect the goods quality. In connection therewith, we remind you that you should bring the purchased goods with the claim to the shop, wholesale department.

If you’ve bought the goods via wholesale department or online shop and you cannot bring the goods to the warehouse, you should approve the procedure with your manager from the wholesale department before sending the defective goods.

If you’ve bought the goods from the retail department (manufacturer’s shop), bring the defective goods and fill in all the necessary documents.

After inspecting the quality, the Seller will give you the response to your claim.

If you don’t agree with the quality inspection results, you can place a written requirement to make an independent inspection of the goods. The inspection should be paid by the Buyer. You have the right to be present during the inspection. If the inspection proves any defects due to the Buyer’s fault, you must pay to the Seller all the costs of the independent inspection.



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