Согласие на обработку данных

Consent for Personal Data Processing

I give my consent for automatic and manual personal data processing to TK Uralexpresszapchast LLC (INN 7415095161, Legal address:5a, Instrumentalshchikov str., flat 48, Miass town, 456316, Chelyabinsk region) (hereinafter referred to as UEZ), including capturing, systematization, accumulation, storage, review (updating, amending), use, depersonalization, blocking, erasure of my personal data foregoing, which I personally presented to UEZ, including usage of Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika:

  1. Data from this Questionnaire/Application/Feedback form;
  2. uralmaz74.ru website logon and information of query or advertisement search;
  3. Data about the user’s device (among which are version and other details characterising the user’s device, IP-address); 
  4. Information about user’s browser (or another programme via which internet access is facilitated), technical parameters of hardware and software used by the user;
  5. Date and time of logon;
  6. Data characterising audience groups;
  7. Parameters of the session;
  8. Data about time of visit;
  9. User’s identification stored through cookies.

UEZ may process the above said personal data for the following reasons:

  • To be able to contact me, including notifying, requesting some information regarding usage of UEZ website, executing of agreements and contracts, processing orders and requests sent by me through uralmaz74.ru;
  • To depersonalize personal data and get general statistic data and to make marketing research.

My personal data processing (in paper form, in information systems of personal data and without usage of automation means, as well as both methods) performed by UEZ must comply with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” dated 27.07.2006.

I give my consent to receive advertisement, including ads sent via mobile voice radio, from UEZ, its contactors and affiliated companies.

This consent becomes effective from this moment and stays in force for unlimited period.

This consent can be withdrawn in a written application sent to zam@uralmaz74.ru.



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